The birth of Wolfhound.

A chase, a shot, a partner down. How one gut-wrenching event inspired response-ready clothing.

The Story

In 2013, while working as a criminal detective, our founder and his partner drove to a secluded location in an attempt to interview a suspected rapist. The suspect fled out the back door. After a foot pursuit and gun fight, the limitations of normal detective wear became abundantly clear. One of the officers had been shot, and help was thirty minutes away. In the end the good guys won and our friend lived, but change was necessary.

Recognizing that frequently, officers forego their uniforms and duty belts for court appearances, grand jury testimony, or detective work, we keenly felt the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of civilian dress attire. Determined to give officers a better option, Wolfhound Clothing Company was forged.

Wolfhound Clothing Company was born in a firefight. Designed for the demands of law enforcement and security professionals, and now being enjoyed by people across the United States who share our values, mission and mindset.

We Support Heroes.

Maybe you dont carry a gun everyday or have two cell phones. Our background is the foundation of this company, but Wolfhound, the Mindset of Wolfhound and our community is much more than that. Other dress wear companies may offer cheaper prices or their logo may be better recognized. But Wolfhound offers employment to first responders, veterans and their families. Almost 50% of our staff are spouses of first responders. Our competitors publicly supported BLM and the rioters, while we match donations to the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation. Other companies cut costs by manufacturing overseas; only focusing on profits. Our fabric is sourced from American suppliers, our trim is purchased domestically and everything gets stitched together right here in the United States.

There are heroes all around us—in law enforcement, in the military, and in our workplaces, neighborhoods, schools, and community spaces. Those who wear Wolfhound support those that share in these values. Wear Wolfhound and Dress For Action. 

We’re the First Dress Clothing Company Dedicated to Law Enforcement.

Whether you are in law enforcement and need dress clothes designed to meet the possibilities of your day, or are a professional looking for innovative clothing that blends functionality with style-we have you covered. Stop financially supporting the de-fund the police movement and do business with a company that shares your values. 

Dress clothes for law enforcement

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We Get the Mindset.

Our nation’s heroes are driven to protect and serve, and they’re ready to answer the call—no matter where or when. Wolfhound helps heroes like you be ready when duty calls.