Dress for action.

designed for the demands of law enforcement and security-worn by professionals in every sector

Wolfhound is more than a clothing company, it’s a lifestyle brand for those who dress for action

Your old dress pants were designed for sitting behind a desk. Only getting up to hit the water cooler and the head.

Those who wear Wolfhound do more.

We run companies, NGOs, banks and real estate firms. We bike to work and need the flexibility of athletic pants but the professionalism that says we are still the CEO. We have work AND personal phones and need an extra pocket to keep them close at hand without getting bogged down and looking like a mess (hate to break it to you but no one thinks your bulging pockets are because you are happy to see them…). We dress sharp but maintain the protector mindset; always having a pocket knife or CCW close at hand. 

We are also first responders and security professionals. Unlike those who say “it will never happen here”, we train mentally and physically for The Day, always staying ready. We know that just because we are wearing dress clothes, it doesn’t mean we no longer respond to an active threat or a hostile subject in the lobby.

 Be ready to do more. Wolfhound, Dress for Action


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Who wears Wolfhound?

Law Enforcement

Our clothing was designed with cops in mind. 
We know from experience—business clothes aren’t great for chasing down criminals or carrying gear for emergencies. Wolfhound dress pants and dress shirts offer more utility and more mobility, so you can be a cop. Even in a tie.

Security Professionals

Looking sharp is part of the job, but your clothes can’t slow you down. You’ve got crowds to control, threats to address, and people to protect. Our clothes keep you polished, professional, and ready for action.

Everyday Heroes

You can reach for regular pants and a button-down shirt. Or you can dress in
Wolfhound and be ready to thwart evil and save the day.

Dress clothes for detectives



We support heroes.

Serving in law enforcement led us to start a company that would help heroes everywhere get dressed for the day’s work.